We are grateful for your support of the ministries of All Saints!  You can give online to any of the following areas of ministry, or make an annual pledge to our General Operating Fund and/or Building Fund.

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General Operating Fund
Giving to the general fund allows us the most flexibility in allocating your gifts to the greatest area of need. Your gifts to this fund cover our operating expenses to help us sustain excellent ministry.

Building Fund
Giving to the building fund helps pay our mortgage. We are only four years away from completing our mortgage payments. Imagine the ministries All Saints can support once our mortgage is paid!

You can also give online to any of the following special funds:

The Sheridan Story (now called Every Meal)
Gifts to Every Meal help provide food to students to take home over the weekend (everymeal.org).

Sunday School
Gifts to the Sunday School pay for crafts, games, and other fun activities for the children of All Saints.

Gifts to Confirmation help pay for enriching and faith building activities for students in our Confirmation program.

Disaster Relief
Gifts for Disaster Relief go directly to Lutheran Disaster Response (elca.org) to assist areas all over the world suffering from natural disaster.

World Hunger
Gifts to World Hunger go directly to ELCA World Hunger, an organization working to address hunger across the globe (elca.org).

Reconciling in Christ
All Saints is a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) congregation (reconcilingworks.org), with an intentional welcome for LBGTQIA+ individuals and people of color. Gifts to the RIC fund help support this initiative.

Street Sign
Gifts to the Street Sign fund are being collected to help support the replacement of the current street sign with a digital display.

Youth Account
Gifts to the Youth Account help to send All Saints high school students on a mission trip each summer.

Huruma Ministry
Gifts to the Huruma Ministry fund go directly to Friends of Huruma (friendsofhuruma.org) to support the Huruma Centre Children’s Home located in Iringa, Tanzania.

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